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Book for your private glass making party

Looking for a unique venue for your next event with your stunning hand made glass work?

Birthday parties, Bridal shower, Surprise party for your beloved one, Glazden™ is the best choice for you.

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Private & Corporate Commissions

Let our experienced international glass makers create the ultimate artwork for your special gift or occasion.

Depending on your requirement glass objects may be blown, solid worked, cast or any combination of techniques.

Visit us for a free quote or send us your sketches with a budget and schedule.

All objects are made with our highest quality materials including Crystal from Bohemia and our stunning array of imported glass colours.

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Special Events & Team Building

A unique bonding experience. Glass making is all about team work, timing, communication and fun! Join us for a customised glass experience to design and produce a series of collaborative objects. We cater for groups of up to 12 people (more by special arrangement), with prices ranging from $580 to $2800 per person, depending on requirements. Get in touch and book your next event at Glazden™!

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Educational art activities

To start of a fresh academic year with new challenges and loads of learning opportunities as part of school activities, Glazden customise unique glass making program for kids to meet new people, make new friends and learn different perspectives form glass.   Customise special learning program from glass art to glass science.

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