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Hot Sculpting

Bohemia Crystal Rose

These flowers will never fade and will remain a lasting gift of love or memory! Experience touching and shaping hot glass with our specialist hand tools which have remained unchanged for over a thousand years!

Glass Blowing

Cup Making Experience

One on One Cantonese/English teaching glass blowing experience workshop, you will be able to blow and shape bubbles, and work with colour, pattern and texture on your own design of drinking cup with artist help!

Glass Blowing

Ornaments Making

Experiencing the use of tools and the touch of hot glass.
Blow your 5-6cm diameter of 2 Christmas Ornaments for the final outcome of work, create your own pattern, with use of colour glass clips.


Galaxy Stardust

During this trial session, you will be making 1 marble with stardust as a basic technique of how to form the pendent.
Got to know the skill of lampworking as well as the use of tools with prepared material to shape and create your first starry universe.


Bead Making

Introduction to the basics of bead making with soft glass
3 hours workshop
-Explanation of the technique
-Handling the gas cylinder and two-gas burner
-First basic pattern and technics
-First color attempts
-Points and lines


Galaxy Pendent

Experience shaping hot glass with our specialist hand at 1200degrees celisius.  You will make one pendant / marble of Galaxy with one planet (opal)  inside (approx. 18-20mm diameter)


Kiln Forming plate

Kiln-forming workshop. Learning the characteristic of glass and the process of kiln-forming. You will make a glass plate with glass sheets, glass frit and glass stringers. (approx. 6 inch x 6 inch)


Implosion Technique

A technique of using colour / fuming in glass blowing to form the unique shape of glass work.
This program is for experience student who already knowing the use of glass and fuming.  
Oversea learning program can be provide after the satisfaction of this workshop.  

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