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glazden® Our secret garden for all glass lover


Established since 2017, Glazden® is an independent glass studio producing limited edition glassware and sculpture as well as memorial glass for your passed love ones.

The studio also has a glass education program and holds regular glass making public workshops and group activities booking.

Artists in residence program for all glass professional to share their technique throughout this platform.

Glazden® also support HKBU for internship program as well as other NGOs on special needs.

Glazden® 成立於2017年,是一家獨立的玻璃工作室,為您愛的人提供限量版玻璃器皿和雕塑以及具紀念價值的玻璃作品。



Glazden® 還支持香港浸會大學實習計劃以及其他有特殊需要的非牟利機構。

A secret garden for all glass lovers, a space for sharing and gathering.

We welcome you all to share your experience, your thought, and your expression on all kind of glass works.

Venue are welcome for workshop rental, demonstration and all kind of art exhibition.

Call us to know more.

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